Friday, September 9, 2022

The Glory of "Blended" Words

Have you ever noticed just how many English words are coined through the process of "blending"? Here's a sampling:

motel = motor hotel

smog = smoke and fog

brunch = breakfast and lunch

fantabulous = fantastic and fabulous

There is no way of predicting which syllables from the first word will be selected or which syllables from the second word will be selected. Nevertheless, the phonological relationship between the first and last words is always regular. In other words, blendings "work." We use them because people can understand them. I think Paul had something like this in mind when he used the word theopneustos in 2 Tim. 3:16. I imagine the way he constructed this blending may have gone something like this. The result is both stunningly beautiful and amazingly theological. It's pure genius. 

Here are some English words that I think rise to the same level. See if you agree:






Many of these terms have Greek origins. The beauty of the English language is that is always evolving and absorbing words from other languages without hindrance or apology. 

Thanks be to God for language!