Sunday, September 4, 2022

On Husbanding

Jesus said we are to hate our father and mother, our wife and children (Luke 14:26). We have trouble with this statement because we think hate is an emotion. Hate is not an emotion. It is an action. So is love. A man's love for his wife is not simply a feeling. It's not sloppy sentimentality. It's not a bunch of butterflies in your stomach, and when the butterflies leave then you look for another woman. Likewise with hate. A husband should so love his wife that he hates anything or anyone who would come between him and his beloved and indeed he hates doing anything that would offend her or bruise her spirit. He rejects anything and anyone that is unworthy of his love for her. A husband should be ready to depart from the dearest earthly relationships and even with life itself when Jesus calls him to do so. Otherwise he is not worthy to be called a husband.