Friday, September 30, 2022

Reflections on Lifting by a Septuagenarian

Am I ready for the Allalinhorn next summer in the Alps? No. But I'm getting there. Now that I'm 70, my main goal/philosophy is to do what I can and not get injured. "Train harder than last time" is not always an option in the simplistic way some coaches on YouTube espouse, although clearly the principle of progressive overload is a well-established, scientifically-proven approach that I follow. Remember, you get fitter and stronger when you are resting, not when you're exercising. I usually get a solid 8 hours of sleep every night. Last night, however, I slept for 8.5 hours. The night before I slept for 9.5. Your body knows how much sleep it needs. Sleep is just as important as getting bigger or getting ripped. I just wish I had started this process 40 years ago. Thankfully the Lord didn't allow me to abuse my body all these years. My goal these days is to go hard but make sure that I stop before complete failure so I don't mess myself up. I also know that I will never be the bodybuilder type, so just being semi-lean is my total goal. There are too many variables on why I can't get big -- genes, age, height, lower testosterone levels, constant cardio, etc. You have to train hard even at 70, but you also need to know your limitations or any injuries from the past that might affect your workouts. I know that my goals will change over time. But the Allalinhorn? Haven't given up on that dream yet. I also enjoy running, racing, sports in general, plus guitar and piano playing, farming, reading, writing, teaching , etc. I can't thank God enough for his help. I really liked today's upper body workout. 

It's no nice that the Lord has given us bodies to care for. 

That gives me motivation and reassurance to continue what I'm doing and to refine it down to an art form. 

No need to overcomplicate things. Just keep plugging away at it. It might take a few years to achieve your goals. That's okay.