Tuesday, September 13, 2022

What's Stopping You?

Today has been wonderful so far. I'm still riding high after this weekend's ministry on Sunday. I just love speaking at missions conferences! Then this morning I had a fantastic run. As you can see, the weather was perfect for being outdoors. 

The temp was a pleasant 72 degrees. 

Why did I run today? Yes, I am training for the Virginia 10-Miler in two weeks and the Milwaukee Marathon the week after that. But I'm not sure that training is the real reason I run. Honestly, I just love to run. It's so much fun. It's so enjoyable. It's so relaxing. It's always such an amazing experience. Plus, there are so many health benefits. "Slow and steady" is my motto. Keep a low heart rate. Don't go above a zone 3 heart rate. My Garmin recorded 11,493 steps during today's run. I burned over 1,000 calories. All that -- plus, again, the sheer joy of it all.

So you don't enjoy running? No worries. Do something you love. Walk. Bike. Swim. Hike. Stroll. Ambulate. Just be active for crying out loud. Be proud of your body regardless of the flaws you see. Don't body shame yourself. It's all about moderation, exercise, and eating only when you're hungry. Always have a fitness goal for yourself. This will keep you motivated and on track. Just listen to and get in touch with your body. Trust your body to be honest with you. Food is NOT the enemy. Food is good. Food is fuel. Sure, right now you may be craving junk food, but your body will soon want something healthy. Make sure your lifestyle is well-rounded and varied. I'm a firm believer in the work hard, play hard philosophy. I'm not obsessive about exercise, but I do enjoy it. Eat consciously, always. Treat your body with respect and fuel it accordingly. 

What's stopping you?