Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Missions in Reverse

As I was heading to class last night, these two young people came up to me and introduced themselves. They work among Chinese students who are studying in the U.S. 

The ministry with which they are associated is called Ambassadors for Christ, and their vision is "reaching Chinese intellectuals for Christ in this generation." For more, see their website. I could not have been more delighted to have met them. Knowing of my 13 trips to China, they traveled to campus specifically to meet me, and it was a kind providence that allowed that to happen almost "accidentally" as it were. I gave them a copy of my beginning Greek grammar in Mandarin as well as a copy of Seven Marks of a New Testament Church in the same tongue. 

One of the most comforting truths that have been revealed to us in God's word is that nothing happens to us that God does not will or permit. I clearly saw the hand of Providence at work last night in arranging this meeting between this couple and me. I will pray for their work among the sizable Chinese expat community here in North America. This is "missions in reverse," and it is beautiful to behold. Thanks be to God. 

P.S. I loved this from their website:

"God may not call you to foreign missions, but he has called you to a lifestyle of missions. God may not call you to be a minister, but he has called you to share the gospel. The place we are is our mission field." 

Amen. As one of my colleagues once said, "Life is a mission trip. Take it."