Saturday, October 29, 2022

I HEART Richmond

What's not to love about Richmond? It's got great architecture. 

And great concerts.

It appreciates great music. 

Its races are amazing. 

I keep having to pinch myself that I am actually living within driving distance of both Richmond and Raleigh/Durham. Today's race was the tenth 10-Miler I've done and it was so much fun. Today and tomorrow are recovery days, and then we will start the process all over again -- lift, run, bike, swim, teach, write, farm. This time next week I'm scheduled to be in Alabama. Should be an adventure. I'm keeping this post short because runners are good at providing people with Too Much Information (TMI). It's pretty common for a runner to tell people how black his toes are or how hard that hill turned out. I'll spare you -- for now. I will add one thing: the meteorologists were not wrong. It was indeed a beautiful day. 

Happy weekend!