Saturday, October 15, 2022

Everything Has a Cost

Today I treated myself to a cut of filet mignon at the Outback in Danville. But it wasn't free. I had to EARN it. I had to earn it by finishing a half marathon. 

I started out at the back of the pack because I don't like to slow up faster runners. I ended up coming in 47th out of 58 participants. 

At mile 8, I began to tire. 

No, Dave, no! That delicious piece of meat is waiting for you! Keep on going! By mile 12 it was a slugfest. All I had to do was run was 1.1 more miles and I could sink my teeth into that juicy cut of cow. My salivary glands kept me going.

Then it happened. The race was over. It was but a short drive to the restaurant. My server plunked down right in front of my starving eyes this perfectly cooked piece of meat. 

I finished my meal in less than 10 minutes, eating rather faster than a respected professor of New Testament is expected. Never had beef tasted better.

Now I am safely ensconced at home and about to take a long nap to let my stomach digest my food before my next gastronomic indulgence tonight. Such is my life these days. By the way, my mantra for training nowadays is, "everything has a cost."

Even a filet mignon.