Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Chills Down My Spine

My organist son sent me this amazing video. 

It's a splendid arrangement of an iconic melody. This instantly reminded me of all the organ concerts Becky and I attended in Basel. But this one is simply one of the best organ pieces I've ever heard. 

What follows is only my opinion, so stop typing. What strikes me is the way in which this music simply lifts up Christ. It's a turning toward the Center, an act of solidarity with all God's people of all time, a repudiation of the man-centered worship that far too many Christians today think is true worship, a Christological focus and one that appeals to the aesthetic senses. In music like this I find a dignity and awe that feeds my spirit and leaves me with a renewed reverence for the things of God. With such music I can worship God with all my heart, soul, and mind, whereas contemporary "worship" music leaves me empty. I do not find God easily in a service centered around a performer. I am distracted by innovations. I prefer music that is God-centered rather than man-centered, music that has a sense of mystery and holiness. Not all Christian music is worship music. Much of the music I hear today is unoriginal and boring. But when I listened to this video my son sent me, I began weeping when the piece ended and the sound of the organ reverberated throughout the cathedral. It's nice to see an organist who understands he is not only playing the organ but the entire building. His timing as the sound decays across the sanctuary is impeccable. He plays the music as it asks, without any personal ego or flashiness. Amazing. Such God-focused music should be the pinnacle of humanity. 

As a musician myself, I can say that this performance is the result of a lifetime of work dedicated to music. Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!