Thursday, October 13, 2022

Looking Forward to Another Half

Rainy mornings are for being lazy and such, but I never really do that. I went for a run first thing -- a mere 4 miles, a mile of which was running sprint intervals at the track. 

I am not an efficient sprinter, however, so I spent most of my run doing my normal jog. Now let's suppose there's a half marathon coming up not an hour away from your farm and, in fact, you just ran this trail a week or so ago. Well it's true. Come to find out today that the Danville Half Marathon will be run this Saturday. 

I am still scratching my head about why I didn't know about this race before today, but I was able to sign up for it at the last minute, and so half marathon #39 is now on the calendar. As you know, I love the idea of running for charities, and the proceeds from this year's event will go to the Children's Miracle Network which, as far as I can tell, supports over 170 children's hospitals. That's pretty amazing. In the meantime, I'm focused on figuring out my race schedule for next year. I don't know yet what it will include. A 10K here, a marathon there, possibly even another ultra. I will definitely add in some triathlons, though I'm very much on the fence about whether I will do the Alan Stone Memorial Run-Swim-Run again at Virginia Beach. That was my first ever ocean swim and it was pretty brutal since we ended up swimming against the current. Many people know I grew up in Hawaii as a swimmer and surfer, but I actually do very little open water swimming nowadays. If I do decide to do this race again, I will have to train harder for it this time. The rest of today I plan to write, so I better sign off for now. 

Here's to getting and staying fit,