Thursday, December 30, 2021

Qualifications for Studying the New Testament

What do you on rainy days? Write, of course. 

Do you realize that the more you put things off, the bigger the snowball becomes and the harder it is to get started again? 

Today I'm working on chapter 2 of my forthcoming best-seller The Bible and Flying Saucers. Oops. Looks like that title is already taken. Ok, then. Back to How to Make the New Testament Come Alive! Chapter 2 is titled, "Qualifications for Studying the New Testament." I list 4 of them:

  • Conversion to Christ
  • A Spirit-Filled Life
  • A Renewed Mind
  • Diligence

Have I missed anything? Reformed theology? Loves the Tampa Bay Bucs? Hates the Bucs? 

Don't worry, I do cover prayer later on in the chapter. I also suggest something I'm not sure many books mention: for crying out loud, SLOW DOWN. In the earliest manuscripts of the New Testament, the absence of spaces between words was not perceived as a hindrance to effective reading. Just the opposite. As you read, your eyes had to slow down and so did your brain. Every word lingered in your mind. But enough about that. 

Seriously, do let me know if I've missed anything. I promise to turn all suggestions I agree with all helpful suggestions to the improvement of the book.