Wednesday, December 8, 2021

How Not to Put on Weight at Christmas

There's nothing magical about it. 

Always think about what you put in your mouth. Respect your body. Eat quality food as often as you can. Be active. (Today I lifted at the Y.) For meals, I had:

  • Breakfast: Two pieces of toast with jam. 
  • Lunch: Freshly made cheeseburger.
  • Dinner: Grilled cheese sandwich with a bowl of chicken soup. 
  • Snack later on: Popcorn and grape juice. 

A word of advice: Be kind to yourself. Don't sweat the small stuff. We each have a limit as to how much we can adjust our lifestyle and the body type we have been given. I won't ever be as lean as I want to be, but I have made quite a turnaround in that area. It was a major lifestyle shift and I'm never looking back. 

The main thing is that I consciously think about everything I put in my mouth. I think of food as fuel. On the other hand, I don't count calories and there's nothing I won't eat except for McDonalds. I do indulge in sweets occasionally (eggnog anyone?), but I eat a mostly clean diet. I'm not obsessive about exercise. I run because I like it and my body needs it. I am frustrated because no matter how much I run and lift I can't drop a few measly pounds. I came late to the game, so I figure I can cut myself some slack. I hope to run until I'm 100 -- or at least until I turn 70 next June lol. 

Merry Christmas my friends. Stay safe and well.