Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Drummers Take Note

To any worship team drummers out there. You gotta watch this video. 

When I think of Ringo Starr, the word complement comes to mind. Ringo sensitively complemented every Beatles song that was ever recorded. He always blended into the group and never tried to draw attention to himself. I am always amazed how, in today's music, the drummer acts as if he is a soloist and the keyboardists and guitarists are there to accompany him. It is impossible to imagine how Ringo could have been any more different from that. His drumming is always appropriate. Even in the song "Rain," the drum fills genuinely fit the music. He was never flashy, just solid and musical. I have never read that anyone had to tell Ringo how to play. He just played and the rest of the Beatles were perfectly fine with it. Just listen to him drumming on "Something." Or his famous drum solo on "The End." 

Only four people in the world can be called a Beatle. Ringo is one of them, and for good reason. Many drummers today listen to themselves. Ringo listened to the band. That's why the other lads enjoyed having him in the band so much.