Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Another Day in the Life

 Here's the sight that greeted me when I arrived back at the farmhouse this evening. 

Earlier I walked the farm in order to make a list of projects that have to be done. 

A bunch of guys from the seminary are coming over tomorrow with their weed eaters and chain saws to help me spiffy up the place. Yes indeed, I do hope that our retreat ministry will be fully operational again in 2022, hence the need I feel to have everything looking as nice as possible. 

After that, I drove to the track and got in a few miles. Still hunting down my dreams, folks. 

Unfortunately, the soles of my Altras have begun to separate from the shoes, but it's nothing a little super glue can't handle I hope. We'll see. 

Running shoes should last for at least 250 miles without these kinds of issues happening and, thankfully, they normally do. Not sure what's wrong with this pair. 

Finally, I am so glad to see that the 75 acres of pines I planted two years ago are coming up nicely. 

The spraying I did this year seemed to have really helped. 

In just over 20 years these saplings will be fully grown and ready for harvesting. So much to be grateful for. 

Just another day in the life!