Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Year in Review

Time to celebrate the goodness of the Lord. Here's my: 

Year in Review

Total number of workouts in 2021: 


Total number of miles: 


Total number of days: 


Total number of calories expended: 


Average weekly workouts: 


Average weekly distance: 

26.2 miles

Average weekly time: 

4 hours and 51 minutes  

Meister Eckhardt once said, "If the only prayer you say in your life is 'Thank you,' that would suffice." Thanks to all of you for putting up yet again with all of my boring blog posts in 2021. I value you desperately and marvel at your goodness to me. As always, love to my quirky, grace-filled family. Thank you for giving me the freedom to be me despite all of my zany hobbies. Finally, I am thankful to you, Jesus, for reminding me that I still have an oar to grab in this life. I have known you since I was 8 and have never felt alone. And now there is a new year to be greeted and a new chapter of the tale to be written, a tale that is but a prelude to an endless story of grace to unfold throughout all eternity.