Friday, December 3, 2021

A Brief Tour of Maple Ridge

As you know, I just graded term papers over 3 John for my Advanced Greek Grammar class. I read each paper with great pleasure. One of them happened to be on the topic of "hospitality" (philoxenia) in 3 John. It was a fitting paper to read on the day before I had to deep clean our guest house, as I am hosting a retreat this weekend. I spent the good part of the morning going through the house and making sure all was in order. Remember, the interior is all of Becky's planning, and a wonderful job she did indeed. See if you don't agree.

Our restored 1811 farm house. We call it Maple Ridge. 

The remodeled kitchen. 

Cleaning up the dining room. The table can seat 10. 

The downstairs library is stocked with Christian books and a homeschool curriculum for long-term residents. 

The downstairs hallway. 

The formal living room. 

The upstairs landing. 

The master bedroom. 

One of two upstairs kids' rooms. 

Bec and I loved this hymn. 

I always enjoy being at Maple Ridge. In a flashback it's as though you leave the present and travel back in time. Becky's presence seems so real. I see her, hear her, sense her. Sometimes I even act as though she were still here. Do you ever do the same with someone you've lost? As you continue to remember, the pain will subside. The ache in your heart will go away. Jesus is Lord over every loss and every heartache. Does this mean you will forget? No. You will never forget. Will you be able to move on with your life? Yes. Absolutely.