Saturday, December 18, 2021

Dare Greatly But Intelligently

Now that my son has decided to run the Honolulu Marathon with me next year, I've had to tweak my race schedule for 2022. Instead of 2 marathons it looks like I'll be doing 3, in addition to the 31-mile ultra I had on the books. Here's my adjusted race schedule for 2022:

Flying Pig Marathon (Cincinnati): May 1

Night Train 50K (Farmville, VA): June 25

St. George Marathon (Utah): October 1

Honolulu Marathon: December 12

It's time to prepare mentally for the difficult challenges that lie ahead. I am beyond excited as I strive to chase down my goals and dreams for the new year, which I will do my best to share with all of you here on this blog. I started heart rate training this year so the intensity of my runs has gone way down but the endurance I built led me to a new marathon PR a month ago. My confidence is now high, perhaps dangerously high. I need to remember that it's so easy to sacrifice health on the altar of fitness and that you can't push yourself too hard. Someone has called this "adaptive excellence." No matter what your age, you continue to pursue high but not impossible standards for yourself. A realistic goal is a great motivator. Being optimistic is key. Above all, staying close to the Lord makes all the difference in the world. I think maybe the main reason I love to run is the time it gives me outdoors with the Creator of the universe. As I read his word, I see this principle time and again: Dare greatly but also intelligently. Allow him to shape your goals, and then stick with them. To everything there is a season. At 69+, any run I undertake anywhere at any time is going to be a challenge but one I look forward to each and every day. Yes, I am trying to qualify for Boston, but even if I never attain that goal (maybe when I'm 90!) I'm happy to be alive, healthy, and reasonably vigorous. Which is a beautiful thing and one for which I'm constantly thankful. 

I cannot wait to continue marathon training in 2022 as the Lord allows. I could not be more grateful for good health and the ability to move. All this will pass some day, but for now I plan to dare greatly but intelligently. 

 Sweaty but happy after running one of my first 5Ks on Aug. 15, 2015. Little did I know what that would lead to.